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Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism is a relatively new branch in the touristic field which promotes sites and events originating from the sphere of industrial production. It is closely linked to the notion of industrial culture as dynamic socio-cultural concept evolving along with a transforming economic environment in past, present and future. Tourists can explore the history of industrial production in museums and old-industrial sites and enjoy great works of art and performances dealing with the industrial past. They can also gain insights into the current economic reality of the visited regions and in highly innovative production processes by visiting factories and industrial areas. Experiencing the changes of industrial production allows tourists to understand ongoing changes in the landscape of old-industrial regions as well in regional and urban development. Or in other terms: people can experience on which activities the inhabitants of their tourist destinations have based their livings in former times until today.

Consequently, this website is not only featuring sites and events showing the rich industrial heritage in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. industrial heritage routes, technical and historic museums, transformed industrial areas with offers for touristic use, other historic monuments and interesting sites) but also current or upcoming industries with special touristic and/or educational offers and activities (e.g. visitor access points to active industrial sites, offers to explore industrial production, temporary or recurring events like “Days of industrial heritage/culture”). Furthermore, we are promoting the new, innovative and creative use of the industrial past by artists, architects, designers, event managers which can be witnessed in various exhibitions, manufacturing workshops or leisure activities linked to the experiencing of industrial activities.

Industrial tourism appeals to a wide public and especially to families, students and persons with a professional interest. It is ideal for all those who are interested in histories and people and who are looking for an opportunity to get to know more about the regions from a very close range.  

We hope you will discover the richness of industrial culture in Central and Eastern Europe and would be glad to welcome you at our partner sites!