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Region: Veneto

The distinctive features of Industrial Culture in Veneto Region are rooted in the past, in the complex relationships between environment, art, culture and industry, nowadays still present, reflecting the distinctiveness of the "Italian way to industrialization".
The production system is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises combining elements of innovation and modernization, in addition to more traditional aspects.
The main characteristics of the "Veneto model" are in fact the size of the enterprises (small-medium), the coexistence of traditional productions (e.g. pottery, food value chain,  glass manufacturing, furniture and fashion), technologically innovative activities (working often with research centres) and companies working in niche areas or as sub-contractors of world known companies (e.g. in the Automotive, Fashion, Machinery sectors).
The "Venetian model" was based on that industrial culture which has transformed the region from the 60s of the previous century into a single large "multi-skilled cluster" offering company museums, heritage sites, collections, outlets and much more.
Experiencing Veneto Region Industrial Culture is a journey through the centuries and through a mosaic made of lives, products, design and colours, tradition and one of the most attractive areas of Europe, the land of Venice.


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