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Region: Opolskie (Opole Silesia)

The region of Opolskie (Opole Silesia) is combining strong industrial traditions with successful new economic structures. The region is very much rooted in the porcelain, furniture, metallurgy, cement and chemical industries. As an important node of various waterway and railway connections between Germany and the industrial regions of Upper Silesia the region attracted in the 19th and 20th century a diverse and multi-ethnic population of Czechs, Jews, Germans and Poles which lived together until Second World War and created a vibrant entrepreneurial milieu. Tomas Bata, the Central European counterpart of Henry Ford, not only built the important shoe factory of Otmęt (today part of Krapkowice), but showed a high responsibility towards his workers by building complex settlements. Still today, his management philosophy and popular brands as the old-timers Nysa vans and nowadays luxury Kler furniture inspire young entrepreneurs from the region. A lively education landscape with six universities and further research and development facilities as well as open minded regional and local authorities attract further investments and support innovation processes in the industries.

Bringing together tradition and new technologies – this is our philosophy! Let us show you our rich industrial heritage and the dynamic economic hotspots in our region.


Department of Innovation
Marcin Staniszewski
ul. Krakowska 38, 45-075 Opole
+ 48 77 403 3668, + 48 515 424 015

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FOR REGIONAL TOURIST INFORMATION: OROT - Opolskie Regional Organisation for Tourism Association
Michał Wieczorek
ul. Żeromskiego 3, 45-053 Opole
+ 48 77 44 12 522