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Region: Zwickau-Chemnitz

The Zwickau-Chemnitz region is one of the most innovative parts of Saxony. Since the times of industrialization, the region has become the cradle of the most pioneering inventions with a long-lasting impact on the further development of the textile and automotive industries. It is the place of birth of the famous car-brand “AUDI” and the fascinating history of the “Trabbi” started here.  The economically strong region has continued its innovative course until today and is promoting further industrial development - not only in well-known companies, but also in its Universities of Technology and Applied Sciences. Industrial culture has become the unique selling point for tourism in the district of Zwickau, the city of Chemnitz and the surrounding areas. We are not only looking back into history but also forward to the future of industrial and cultural development in the region. We are inviting you to experience our living industrial culture!

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Tourismusregion Zwickau e. V.
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